Living with Corona

Bei Belmond wer­den nach und nach und bis zum August 19 Hotels wie­der geöff­net, dar­un­ter alle Häu­ser in Ita­li­en, das Belmond La Resi­den­cia auf Mal­lor­ca und das Reid’s Palace auf Madei­ra. Auch der legen­dä­re Veni­ce Simplon-Orient-Express, der Belmond Roy­al Scots­man und die Haus­boo­te von Afloat in Fran­ce neh­men ihren Betrieb wie­der auf

Ein tages­ak­tu­el­les Update zu allen offe­nen Hotels, zu den getrof­fe­nen Schutz­maß­nah­men und der ange­pass­ten, fle­xi­blen Buchungs­po­li­tik stellt Belmond auf sei­ner Home­page unter der Coro­na­vi­rus (Covid-19 ) Respon­se zur Verfügung.

Hier hat sich auch Prä­si­dent und CEO Roe­land Vos zur aktu­el­len Situa­ti­on wie folgt geäußert:

Trus­ted for travel

At Belmond, we are working hard to ensu­re that we are rea­dy to wel­co­me back our guests from around the world. I thank our fan­tastic teams for their unwa­vering com­mit­ment to sup­port our guests, col­leagues and com­mu­nities throughout this chal­len­ging time.

For more than 40 years we have been rede­fi­ning and resha­ping the tra­vel expe­ri­ence. The chal­len­ge of today’s glo­bal pan­de­mic will not stop us from re-imagining the future of luxu­ry tra­vel tomor­row. If anything, it will encou­ra­ge us to go fur­ther and evol­ve faster.

True to the pionee­ring spi­rit of our brand, our aim now is to reach new levels of excel­lence – both in health and hygie­ne, and in tho­se are­as that under­pin our excep­tio­nal service.

We wel­co­me the enhan­ced requi­re­ments being issued by many health aut­ho­ri­ties and governments glo­bal­ly and, as always, we remain uncom­pro­mi­sing in our approach to clean­li­ness. We will work con­ti­nuous­ly with our dedi­ca­ted in-house experts and in clo­se col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with lea­ding health and hygie­ne aut­ho­ri­ties to ensu­re our even-higher stan­dards are achie­ved and upheld. Below is an over­view of some of the com­pre­hen­si­ve steps we are taking to imple­ment our enhan­ced pro­to­cols, which are sub­ject to rigo­rous reviews. On every level, we will con­ti­nue to pro­tect the many com­mu­nities we serve.

At the same time, whilst adhe­ring to the new gui­de­li­nes on clean­li­ness and social-distancing, we pledge that our guests will once again feel wel­co­med into warm and com­for­ta­ble envi­ron­ments, able to enjoy extra­or­di­na­ry tra­vel and award-winning dining at its finest. We will con­ti­nue to rise to the chal­len­ge of ful­fil­ling our guests’ needs, espe­cial­ly in this regard.

The Belmond expe­ri­ence has long been defi­ned by incom­pa­ra­ble ser­vice, timeless retre­ats rich with cul­tu­re, natu­ral won­der and genui­ne care. We belie­ve our future lies in our heri­ta­ge. And that, wit­hin our walls, our guests will once again expe­ri­ence moments of magic, among tho­se who mat­ter most.

Until we meet again, plea­se stay safe.

Roe­land Vos, Pre­si­dent & CEO


Birgit Rapp

Stellv. Geschäfts­füh­re­rin und Mitinhaberin